Lauren Czarniecki

With a curatorial eye, she fashions luxury spaces that are as comfortable and inviting as they are beautiful, marrying natural and organic elements with textured layers and touches of the unexpected. Her gallery-like approach keeps the overall palette light and fresh, allowing considered color to pop in art pieces that express personal connections with each homeowner.

Bringing luxe, livable environments to life for nearly 15 years, Lauren cut her teeth in the industry in Los Angeles, where she interned at Kelly Wearstler and first saw how concept and inspiration can transform into tangible design. It was here where Lauren learned how to work and shop with clients, navigate the challenges of installing in a city, forge quality relationships with vendors and craftsmen, and source unique and interesting materials and products across a variety of styles and periods—from emerging and established artisans and brands to vintage classics.

But her love of design would begin long before she landed in LA, soaking in knowledge from her father who is in construction and her mother who loves history. Her childhood was spent frequenting construction sites and visiting historical homes in Savannah and Charleston while being tested on the difference between Ionic, Doric and Corinthian architectural columns. At the age of 9, she dragged her father to a Jackson Pollock exhibit and cemented her love of art and the why behind it.

That fascination with origin and storytelling led Lauren to study abroad while earning two bachelor’s degrees—one in interior design and another in art history—from Florida State University, spending four summers in Florence and falling in love with the city, the people, the language and the culture. Over the years, she has seen the Ferragamo museum there go from its quiet, dark and moody splendor to its brighter, faster-paced, more modern reimagining, cultivating her appreciation for all things old and new—to name just one of many Italian landmarks and traditions that have left a lasting impression on her.

Today, travel continues to play a significant role in Lauren’s interiors as the architecture and design of a place always sparks her creativity, and discovering new hotels, restaurants and retail shops inspires her to use details in new and different ways. Whether it’s working on the then-Viceroy hotel in Anguilla with Kelly Wearstler’s team or a residence in South Florida, across the country (think Southern California, Southamptons and Michigan) or abroad, Lauren embarks on every residential and hospitality project with the same curiosity and fervor as she had in Florence years ago—backed with seasoned experience and sophisticated taste.

founder and principal designer of Czar Interiors, creates warm modern interiors that are at once timeless and of the moment.

written by Jesse Bratter

design writer and friend


Lauren, an NCIDQ-certified and Florida licensed interior designer, has been awarded with a Stars of Design “Stars on the Rise” award from the Design Center of the Americas, and her work has been featured in Florida Design, Palm Beach Illustrated, Modern Luxury Interiors and Art&Culture magazine, as well as other notable publications. A Boca Raton native, she has returned to her roots, setting up a studio in Palm Beach where she handles her clients’ needs and wants with care by listening to and achieving their design goals and, at the same time, expanding their imaginations and taking those goals to even higher levels.


FSU Emerging Alumni Award

DCOTA Stars of Design

2020 Awards Stars on the Rise Award


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